History of Santa Clara Valley Chapter of EGA


      From Embroiderers' Guild of America's Needle Arts Magazine Vol. 1, 1980


     In December, 1978; it was decided that the Santa Clara Valley Chapter should have a banner. Our chapter was looking forward to a very active year as host chapter for Embroiderers’ Guild of America’s National Seminar for 1979; two library exhibitions; and participation in the Santa Clara County Fair was added to our busy schedule. As a native of the Santa Clara Valley, California, I had a very definite impression and a deep feeling for the Valley. I felt the banner should symbolically represent the essence of Santa Clara Valley, past and present. Consequently, the following design developed. The lettering spells out the words "SANTA CLARA VALLEY," leaving no doubt as to which valley is depicted. The buildings rise from the valley floor to represent the growth and development taking place in the valley in 1979. These towers were inspired by an office complex adjacent to an interstate freeway that can be seen as one crosses the valley. The hills and mountains circle the valley and are visible no matter where one is located. The sun rises over the east foothills, if you look very closely, to the right of the sun, you see Mount Hamilton, the home of the "Lick Observatory," well known for its 120 foot telescope. The Della-Robbia was placed at the foot of the buildings to symbolize the foundations in agriculture from which the Valley grew. Incorporated in the Della-Robbia is a small sampling of the fruits and flowers that made the Santa Clara Valley famous: represented are prunes, cherries, pears, grapes, and the beautiful California poppy. Since I was the originator of the design, I was to serve as Chairperson, and the techniques used were left to my discretion. It was while I was working on the sketches that I decided the banner should serve as a showcase for the various techniques used by our members.        Incorporated into the design are quilting, canvas work, gold work, appliqué, couching and embroidery. I divided the design into sections according to the various techniques and for each section there was a co-chairperson. The canvas work, embroidery and gold couching were started first followed by the assembly and quilting. The last, but most important step was the appliqué work and. the addition of the finishing cord.  Actual work on the banner began in January, 1979; we finished in September, 1979. The completed banner measures approximately 42” x 32" and a total of nineteen professional and amateur stitchers helped with the project. On the reverse side are embroidered. the following names: Linda Alexander, Anne Badger, Myra Bruno, Lillian Bloodworth, Marie Caralli, Pattie Dee Collins, Colleen Fairbairn, Jean Figgi, Jane Gilbert, Jean Hills, Jeani Hood, Isabelle Long, Sharon McGuiness, Mary Jean Moore, Helen O'Dell, June Oliver, Anne Rees, Midge Stotzer and Jeanne Zander – the members of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter who worked on the banner. 


We are all very proud of the project.

        Marie Caralli