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Education Director's message

I was looking at my email shortly before finalizing this and saw the email from Stitched Up Needlework about the Planet Earth merino wool available.  What I’ve said below is valid, but before anybody makes a decision on buying a bunch of new threads, please check this out.  There is a greater variety of color than in the DMC product, and the colors appear to be less muted.  I haven’t had the opportunity to check the thread size, and can’t find a description other than what fabric counts work best.

I received my order of DMC Eco Vita, but have not stitched anything with it yet.  I selected only a few colors, as I don’t stitch with wool much and didn’t have a product in mind.  I didn’t get any dark intense colors because if the description is accurate, there won’t be any. Colors are muted and a bit irregular as I would have expected from natural dyes.  My impression is that the strands are a bit finer than I was led to expect, and a harder surface than tapestry wool.  There is a much smaller color range, also not surprising.  The DMC website has a number of patterns that might be used, also examples of things other than embroidery. There are designs for duplicate stitch on knits and photos of weaving gadgets to create a mending patch.

As I previously said, I’m going to try using it on the project bags from Shepard’s Bush.  I’m not exactly sold, the thread is definitely matte finish, and I think it will look better on something organic-looking like Fiddlers cloth. Stay tuned!

Designer of the month (Erin Elizabeth)

I like to watch YouTube while I stitch or do other things that don’t require full-time attention, so I’m always on the lookout for new posts from old friends and live streams from the several contributors I follow.  Before and after the needlework market this year there were several new to me designers I thought I would check on.

The class began February 1, but all instructions are free on the website, as well as a kit if desired.  It appears to be a simple project for the neat-fingered (not I!) except for the bullion knots, but her method for bullions is like that I first learned, and I found those easy for a beginner.

Erin Elizabeth is a Canadian designer whose patterns may be bought from her website as digital downloads or from both online shops and brick & mortar shops.  Her designs are contemporary and graphic, with a wide range of detail.  Her pieces utilize full cross stitches. 14 (28) count fabric, and DMC floss so as to be doable by beginners as well as experienced stitchers.  Some patterns have more detail and backstitching, some a lot of color changes, but there’s something for everyone.  I like them because they are cute without being cutesy, and don’t have awkward shapes or distorted lettering.  There are seasonal designs, holidays, something for everyone.

I first noticed her on YouTube, she’s a good instructor for finishing smalls. I plan to finish the Halloween above as separate pillows.


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