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Education Director's message

Can you believe it’s May already? I wonder how many reports start out exactly that way. Never mind, it’s my favorite time of the year, better weather (warm!), more light, and the days are getting longer. Pollen downvoted!

Lots going on, but two things ongoing I want people to be aware of:

• GPR Seminar 2024 has finally come up with a location and dates, so it’s really happening, people! Of course,
Seminar always means goodie bags, and that means each chapter needs to come up with ideas for something
needlework related that is cute, useful, inexpensive, hopefully refers to the theme, and can be produced by
chapter members (emphasis on the plural) if it needs to be assembled. Sadly, the same applies to opportunity
(auction) baskets, as a chapter nearby to Seminar 2024’s location, these obligations fall particularly onto SCVC,
so put your thinking caps on!!!

• As Education Chair, one of my requirements is to submit a report to the Region Education Chair about regional and national education projects members may have been involved in. This would include pretty much everything either entity produces, from Seminars to Petite Projects. I can get group information fairly easily, but I’ll also want individuals to let me know about their projects. Send me a quick email when and if you have something, I’ll have a file I can send it to. Project updates are just fine, even if it is none, or just got discouraged and put it aside. Don’t obsess, I’ll remind you again.

Members who get the newsletter only by email, or are having trouble with website links, are encouraged to contact me for help. I will have tested everything, but I’m not all that knowledgeable, and what I learned 20+ years ago doesn’t always work now. 

Happy Stitching!

SCVC Education Director

Designer of the month - Dawn Fisher (April 2023)

Last month I selected Dawn Fisher (Morning Glory Needleworks) because I loved the Zoom class I took from her that is featured in Needle Arts.  I don’t know what the exact format will be from them, but you can see a brief preview on one of her YouTube videos FlossTube #27. (there’s other stuff on there as well).  You will get a good view of her studio, a good look at the project, and a peek at some of her other projects sold in her Etsy shop.  She’s also very down-to-earth as a presenter – she shares a lot about what’s going on in her life.  As an online teacher, she’s very detailed and technically skilled. A Zoom student has zero problems seeing details or asking questions.  Her stitch diagrams are equally skillful – enlarged and labelled to the point that there is no need to guess the stitch count, which thread goes under which, over one thread or two, what comes next…

There is a full bio on the Stitcher’s Hideaway website (I’ve been to one of those, so take a peek at the rest of the goodies there!)

Links from the Director of Education (past months)

Other interesting videos, links and more

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